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Let’s go Hunting, Fishing and Enjoy the Great Outdoors’s Together!

Welcome to our site! Please read how we can partner with you to make help 

First everyone can benefit from a free phone consultation in ways they don't even realize. I encourage everyone to always get a second opinion. Especially to understand any investments or insurance and how they work or to insure you have a fair deal! Most people think a financial adviser just sells investments and most do. We are different with just one phone conversation I can explain the value-added benefits and advice I can provide to help you get to a successful retirement.   

I love to combine my passion of the outdoors with my work as a financial planner. You do not have to be an outdoors enthusiast for me to help you. First, we are different we don’t sell financial product like others. We don't promote "free" steak dinner seminars to sell high commission annuities. We personally partner with you to find potential cost savings and value in all financial area's that deal with money; investments, insurance, taxes, budgeting, saving, spending, etc.…I'm just a phone call or email away to provide personal complimentary consulation or just answer anhy questions. 

I am also a Fiduciary Advisor – meaning act in the best interests of our client’s - PERIOD. Along with my passion for the outdoors is my passion for helping people. I offer complimentary no-obligation reviews to help you understand what you have and how it should work for you- investments, insurance, & taxes. If you are just paying the bills and spending day to day that is not a strategy or plan. I can help you put together a plan to achieve your retirement dreams someday. Many times I can make suggestions that can save you money or improve your investment results immediately.

My website is for the outdoor enthusiast. It is a virtual encyclopedia of great information that I am continually adding to- check it out and use it anytime you want.! Please share it with friends and family who could use it. I also enjoy spending quality time taking select clients on guided day trips with some of Northern California's top Fishing and Hunting Guides. Let me know if that is of interest to you.  

Investing in yourself should start with your first good paying job. Taking advantage of time and tax planning are big keys to retirement planning. Planning needs to start many years before you plan to actually retire. it is critical to have a solid income and forward-looking tax reduction plan so your money can outlast your lifetime. With my knowledge, experience and national support I can help you do that. Maybe you have had a life-changing event- a marriage, new job, job loss, new child, parent passing on or inheritance. That is a great time for expert advice or second opinion on what you should be doing or educate you on things you may not know about.  

While you are here, don't forget to sign up for on our periodic email. You will get timely tips and information that can help you succeed. An email reply is also an easy way to contact me whenever you need help with something in the future.   

Have more questions or need some specific help? Use our free secure contact form to ask any question. You will get a friendly reply within 24 hours to help point you in the right direction or schedule a phone call to discuss further. 



My Best,

   Jim Biasotti

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Who We Are

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Our Investment Philosophy

It is our belief that there are three general market environments; the long term BULL market, long term BEAR markets and sometimes a lot of up and down- but just FLAT markets. Although these markets can last for years, they are often interrupted by shorter term BULL (rising) or BEAR (declining) periods which can provide opportunities or great peril depending on your specific investment allocation. Everything cycles- Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Commodities and even oil. There are usually opportunities for tactical management or alternative investments to take advantage of these sector opportunities. 

We attempt to diversify our client portfolios in a wide range of asset classes and investment strategies which are grouped into convergent (“sailing”) strategies that target upside capture during bull markets and market independent (“rowing”) strategies that aim to protect the investors during volatile bear markets. To add further diversification, our institutionally managed portfolios may include an allocation to alternative investments or tactical opportunities which are largely uncorrelated to the traditional stock and bond markets.

Our Investment Philosophy is grounded in the belief that portfolios should be diversified between these varying asset allocation methodologies and most importantly stay within your individually pre-defined risk tolerance.

Click on the following link to watch the Sailing and Rowing video which explains differing market conditions.

Diversification/Asset Allocation does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss.

Sailing & Rowing