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The Sportsman's Financial Advisor

The Sportsman's Financial Advisor


With all my heart I believe by sharing with you my passion for the outdoors we can build lifelong friendships and I can earn your trust.

At The Sportsman’s Financial Advisor, we take a family approach to all client relationships, by first sitting down and listening to your needs and concerns before doing anything else. By listening to your concerns and asking the right questions we can then know you. Only then can we develop a personal plan incorporating your financial needs, goals and dreams. Lastly we develop strategies and tailored solutions unique for you and help you put that plan into action. 

We strive to provide solid investment management, retirement counseling and financial planning knowledge that aligns with your unique needs, goals and vision of your financial future

We work with clients to help develop strategies to potentially enhance the income, growth and tax favored treatment of their investments. By using our experience in estate planning strategies, risk management, and affiliations with tax and legal specialists, we can effectively manage the diverse holdings of all our clients..

We serve as your personal “CFO” and “financial advocate” to help grow, preserve and transfer your wealth.  Established in 2002, our firm was founded on traditional values, integrity and personal service.  Our core services include actively managing clients’ portfolios, to providing comprehensive wealth planning-which includes retirement, insurance, tax and estate planning strategies.

As an independent Investment Advisor Representative I take great pride in working free from proprietary products, sales goals or conflicts of interest. We strive to hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard with every aspect of our business. More importantly here, you are more than just a sequence of numbers on an account.

Our firm works as hard to build trust and long-lasting relationships with our clients as we assist to manage and help you fulfil your retirement goals and dreams. We hold ourselves accountable to you, and truly treat you like family.  You can call me Jim Biasotti at 916-789-8400 x114 to get your questions answered today or contact us using the "CONTACT" button top right of our home page.  

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