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Jim Biasotti

Jim Biasotti

Financial Advisor


I am a 3rd generation California waterfowler and big game hunter. I was born in the San Jose and moved to Sacramento or Fair Oaks, when I was 12 years old. My best memories were of jumping on my bike, as soon as I got home from Jr. high school, and riding a couple miles down to the American River with my backpack, waders and pole to fish for steelhead and salmon; I did catch some nice ones! When I was 10 years old (1969) I was finally able to go from bird dog to bird hunter! The old guys know what that means. Every winter my father, my grandfather (sometimes), brothers and I hunted every public refuge from the Grasslands all the way up to North Sacramento Valley. Many, many great hunts and lots of ducks..When I was young I am pretty sure my dad and older brother shot my limit for me a few times...LOL

But I do remember as I got older I graduated from a single shot 16 ga to a 12 ga pump and then the ducks started to drop. I remember one particular hunt a couple years after college around 1984 walking into the check station at Los Banos with 14 bull sprig between my dad and I- The eyes just dropped. We had an open water pond out there that just sucked in the Sprig. My Dad was the early inventor of the tule seat and stake grass blind. We were able to put a blind smack dab out in the middle of the big open water with sprig decoys all around. That day we took turns in the blind and each shot our limits of bull sprig with wings set right on top of us. It was also an added bonus shooting lead back then. I remember guys would stop us at the check station and my dad would show them our tule seats and blinds and how he made them. Back in the 60's & 70's those where the days of duck hunting on the California Refuges!! My dad would draw a reservation (little pink or orange or green punch cards) for a public refuge almost every weekend and always get a reservation or two for opening weekends - pressure was light, people where nice and ducks where generally plentiful. Nowadays I have to say I lean more towards my passion for deer hunting. I am a student of the sport and still learning every time I go out, but becoming pretty consistent with getting a CA buck on public land every year. I will say I did go many years in between eating tag soup when I first started!! 

I graduated Jr. College with an electronics degree and worked in the Semiconductor manufacturing business for 20 years and at the same time went back to school and finished my 4 year Bachelors degree in Business and Finance from St. Mary's College in Moraga. In 2001 I decided to leave the manufacturing business and start a new career as a financial advisor. I have to thank my friend, mentor and business partner Ron Dale for that. We are still together today going strong through all life's changes and challenges. We both like to help people and solve problems! I have always like to learn and teach. I am currently teaching, and have been for the last 3 years, adult education classes at 3 different Sierra College campuses on social security claiming strategies and Medicare. I volunteer as a Head Usher at my home church (Destiny Christian in Rocklin) and also volunteer and run the Hunting Division for Bayside Church Adventure Sports. More or less I am the Duck Club Manager for a duck hunting club that is now at 60 plus members and growing..Give me a call sometime, especially if you'd like to talk hunting and fishing!!