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Rob Miszti

Rob Miszti

Junior Partner/Registered Representative

I want to help people prepare for their future, not just concerning retiring at the appropriate age, but also making sure that they can retire financially independent and possibly even leave something behind for future generations. Being a financial professional is the ideal job for me, I have always wanted to help people, and that was part of the reason why I wanted to go into the Biomedical Engineering field, but talking to people is more my strong suit rather than looking through a microscope.

I am a tech geek and avid outdoorsman. That is an odd combination that you don't find too often, but that sums me up the best since I have so many interests and they are so varied. I enjoy mountain biking in the Northern California area, as well as binge-watching shows on Netflix. I enjoy Fishing and have recently started getting into archery as a hobby with the intent that it will eventually turn into bowhunting. I am a member of the Maya Archery Club in Roseville. One of my favorite memories is going out to a lake with my dad after getting up early in the morning, biking out to a shady spot and just hanging out for hours relaxing and not worrying about anything else that was going on around us. Sometimes we caught a fish or two, other times we wouldn't catch anything but weeds, but it was still one of my favorite things to do.

I graduated with two Bachelors Degrees from Sac State. One in Financial planning and the other in Risk Management. But before going into the finance field, I studied biomedical engineering for three years at Sac State. I manage all the technology that we utilize in the office as well as our social media page. Occasionally you may see me writing blog posts, but since Jim is the hunting expert, I will probably leave the advice column to him.